Sun damage on face, arms & hands

Australians – and especially Tasmanian’s – are suseptible to sun damage on heads, faces, hands and arms, in particular those with pale skin or blond hair.

Much of this sun damage could be itchy and sore and if untreated can lead to further complications. Tender, ulcerated and thickened lesions ought to be treated swiftly and the skin returned to its normal state.

Solar damage on hand

Sun damage on forehead

Aquarius fractional Co2 lasers can very successfully treat these conditions quickly, cheaply and in particular leave the surface of the skin scar free, which is especially beneficial on faces and scalp areas.
The treatment is painless, swift affordable and depending on the condition, usually removed in a single treatment, returning the skin to its natural state.

We offer free consultations and advice to ensure swift action is taken to avoid complications which can occur with some of these conditions.

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