Price guide for Aquarius medical procedures

The following information is listed as a guide only to give you an idea of the costs involved for the different treatments we provide. You are welcome to call our clinic now to speak with one of our friendly team and get your questions answered fast. Due to some questions being medical it may be best to simply call us on 0477 774 717 to book a free consultation.

Consultations for all procedures

Free of charge for all procedures (see ‘See & Treat‘ section)

Facial rejuvenation

Initial treatment $595
Follow-up bi-annual (if required) $395

Facial and body scars

Depending on size & number Co2 fractional laser treatment from $45 with these scars

Warts and mole removal

Single lesion: $75, 2-5 lesions $150
Price can be discussed during consultation depending on overall number of lesions

Red vein removal

Yellow filter flashlamp $150 depending on areas
Follow up – if needed – free of charge

Skin tag removal

Single tag $75, multiple up to 5 lesions $175
Follow up – never needed.

Hair removal by Danish Ellipse IPL

Upper Lip $30, Chin $30 Underarm $75 Bikini $85
Brazilian $90, Half leg $195, Full leg $395

Age or sun spot removal

IPL Danish yellow filter and fractional laser $150
Follow-ups for pronounced facial lesions $95

Rosacea and erythema treatments

Laser and/or yellow flashlamp $195
Follow up – if needed – free of charge

Rhinophyma procedures

Initial treatment of nose regardless of condition $150
Follow-up will be needed $95

Foot or plantar warts

Initial procedure up to 2 warts $95
Follow ups will be required, depending on depth of lesion $75 each

Demodex face mites

Only one treatment necessary, $195

Blackheads & solar comedones

Only single treatment usually required $75 – $125 depending on numbers of lesions

Acne & pickaxe scar conditions

Initial laser treatment depending on area affected $145-$195
Follow-ups if required $95

Sun damage on face, arms & hands

Depending on number & size of lesions from $75

Port Wine stain – partial or total removal

This involves a series of treatments depending on size from $85
Again, depending on severity from 3 – 8 treatments are needed, depending on degree of colour.

Our laser therapists are licenced & qualified through Tasmanian Health Department. Nov. 2018