Port Wine Stains

A port wine stain, also called nevus flammeus, is a congenital, skin malformation venule which produces a light pink to red to dark red discoloration of human skin.

It occurs in an estimated 3 children per 1,000 births, affecting males and females and all racial groups equally. There appears to be no hereditary predilection for port wine stains amoungst families.

It is unpreventable and since most of the malformations occur on the face, port wine stains do become a significant problem in the great majority of sufferers. It is a disease with potentially devastating psychological and physical complications.

Aquarius Clinic has successfully treated a number of port wine stain complaints very effectively and either markedly reduced the colouring or in some milder cases removed the discolouring almost completely.

We use a special Danish green/yellow Ellipse laser and depending on the severity, treat monthly, each session progressivly reducing the redness. The treatments are quick, inexpensive with moderate discomfort – again depending on severity – but the condition can be mitigated and in most cases removed in time altogether.

Our therapists are experienced with this complaint and can give free consultions to determine the likely outcome of treatments and costs, and carry out free test patches to indicate the anticipated outcome.

Sometimes however, the condition may be too severe to treat which will be explained during the consultation, so as not to unreasonably raise hopes in every instance. Often light fractional laser treatments can be helpful in improving the condition and softness of the skin.

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