Plantar or foot warts

Sometimes called verrucas, are warts that develop on plantar surfaces Рthat is, on the soles (or bottom) of the feet. The pressure from normal standing and walking tends to force the warts into the skin where they burrow deeper over time, and this can make these warts extremely painful.

We have treated patients who have suffered these lesions for well over 20 years and inflicted dreadful pain when walking or standing. They often have tiny black dots in the central areas and grow progressively up into the sole for as much as 15 mm or more in severe cases. Although plantar warts may, in rare cases, eventually clear up on their own, most patients need much faster relief. The goal of treatment is to completely remove the wart and to this end our Co2 lasers are extremely effective.

However, depending on the severity and depth of the wart, invariably more than one treatment is necessary. The laser gradually removes the wart until finally the root or core finally dies and peels off, leaving a smooth, pink and pain-free natural surface.

The treatment is usually given either weekly or fortnightly, is quick and gives a degree of relief immediately after the procedure. It is very rare indeed for a plantar wart which has been treated with a laser to reoccur.

Plantar wart before treatment

Treated scabs fall off leaving pink pain-free skin

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