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Facial Rejuvenation

We specialize in ablative fractional Co2 laser treatment. Our new Italian Co2 lasers treat sun damage and aging skin to safely & quickly clear ugly spots & blemishes and stimulate collagen fibres giving a soft fresh complexion in just a few days at affordable prices. We have performed hundreds of these treatments with excellent results. Forget invasive surgery or brutal abrasion treatments when we can refresh your skin easily and safely, giving lovely new soft skin for years to come at affordable prices.

Facial Rejuvenation FAQs

How fractional Co2 laser treatments work

Revolutionary 5th generation laser treatment is now available from Denmark that ensures fresh rejuvenated skin with a soft feel, younger looks and a marked improvement in facial softness and texture.

The treatment is quick, safe, very affordable and virtually painless with noticeable reduction in acne scarring, sun damage and rosacea.

The term ‘fractional’ refers to the delivery of energy in tiny laser beams which penetrate into the dermis in a pattern of minute spots that stimulates significant collagen rather than damage skin tissue with a more intense ‘sheet-like’ effect.

The fractional treatment lowers the power density and spreads these microscopic laser beams so that only 5% of the surface is treated and so heals much faster.

It removes the old damaged cells and tightens the skin through shrinkage and collagen regeneration.

Am I suitable for treatment?

Treatment is suitable for most people with aged, yellowing and sun-damaged skin who want a fresher, brighter and more even skin tone. The texture is noticeably softer and smoother with improved skin elasticity, reduced pore size and depending on the intensity of the treatment, a marked smoothing of scar tissue.

What the treatment achieves

Fractional Co2 lasers treat pigmentation, yellowing skin and general sun damage most effectively on the face and there are few alternative treatments that come close to achieving similar results with as little discomfort, cost or side effects.

Results from this treatment are both dramatic and stunning, with a range of procedures from light ‘weekend’ treatments to more intense applications – usually the more intense treatments produce the best results but take a few more days to return to normal with down time.

How is the treatment carried out?

After the skin is cleansed, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied 20 minutes prior to treatment. The handpiece is then moved over the surface of the skin delivering tiny 180-micron laser beams in a pattern which covers no more than 5% of the skin yet this is sufficient to stimulate collagen that is required for the replacement and restoration of dead skin cells. Collagen gives skin its strength & elasticity, and the loss of collagen is a cause of wrinkles.

What should you expect after treatment?

A mild sunburnt sensation for a few hours and the skin may be red for a day or two. The surface then feels like fine sandpaper which flakes off in microscopic particles over the next day or so. There is little or no discomfort with this and as the skin naturally exfoliates, the skin then feels fresh, very soft and renewed.

Depending on the condition of the skin, a lighter treatment is quick, inexpensive and for most people less than 60 years old is very effective. It does wonders for the skin and you’ll have a fresh unblemished complexion which, depending on the strength of the treatment can last up to five years.

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