Facial and Body Scars

Scars form when the skin is cut due to injury, surgery, chicken pox, acne and several other causes.

Although scars cannot be removed completely, especially on the face, they can be made less visible and improvements in appearance with treatment from fractional Co2 lasers.

Non-surgical methods with fractional lasers make superb improvements by softening the edges of scars so reducing shadows which highlight all scars. They also promote the growth of collagen fibres that help to renew skin tissue and give the skin a fresher complexion around the wound and greatly reduce the redness often present in facial and keloidal scars.



In addition, Aquarius uses advanced yellow filter Danish IPL flash lamps to remove the redness caused by tiny microscopic capillaries round the edge of the scar, returning the tissue to the natural colour of skin.

Chicken pox and acne scars can be progressively flattened out over a number of treatment although never completely removed, except with fine scars and small wrinkles.

The treatment is quick, and using topical anaesthetics almost painless and exceptionally quick to heal in a matter of two or three days. Treatment is very affordable and usually – depending on the severity of the scars, can be markedly improved with a few simple treatments.

For example, study the huge wart on the lady’s hand in the ‘wart and mole’ section and see how that lesion has been totally removed with no sign whatsoever of scarring, the skin has returned to normal.

With keloid scars which do not shrink over time and often raised, pink or red which are caused by burns, body piercing, boils or lacerations, treatments with a combination of both yellow filters and fractional lasers, which both reduce the height of the blood vessels and remove much or all of the redness.

What are scars?

The formation of scars or scar tissue is a normal part of the healing process and occurs when the skin is cut due to injury or surgery.
Scar tissue growth is influenced by:

  • The severity of the original injury
  • Hereditary factors
  • Colour of skin pigmentation
  • A person’s age, health, fitness and nutrition
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking – retards healing

Location, size and depth of the wound on the body

Rarely can one fractional laser treatment be sufficient to markedly reduce the appearance of scars, but a great improvement can be had with only two or three inexpensive treatments, and if red in colour (caused by microscopic capillaries) IPL can remove them in one or certainly two treatments.

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