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Aquarius Clinic was Tasmania’s first cosmetic laser clinic and has been carrying out advanced laser treatments for nearly 20 years. Highly experienced staff trained in Denmark and the U.K use top-of-the-range Danish and Italian lasers to provide safe and beneficial treatments in private well equipped clinics.

Operating  some of the most advanced fractional lasers and treaments in the world we have successfully treated thousands of clients in Tasmania alone.

Our highly trained staff have carried out skin rejuvination research procedures in France, UK and Danish clinics with Class 4 Mixto fractional Co2 lasers and currently treat a wide range of problems including rosacia, acne, chickenpox and acne scaring, skin tags, warts, facial veins and redness. We hold procedure licences for advanced lasers longer than any other Tasmanian clinic.

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We have always ensured that our treatment prices are affordable and most competitive, we have pioneered many new and very effective cosmetic treatments and treated thousands of patients since we became established.

Our low cost affordable treatments are available to everyone

Facial Rejuvination

Nothing comes close to refreshing the delicate facial skin – effective, long-lasting, gentle and safe.

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Warts & Moles Removal

Ugly lesions removed swiftly with minimal discomfort leaving the skin scar free.

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Red Vein Removal

Facial veins removed permanently and quickly returning the complexion to a normal skin tone.

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Skin Tag Removal

Unsightly skin tags removed permanently in seconds with no scars and minimal discomfort.

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